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The story of ASEAN is one of building up from managing intra-regional (ASEAN) disputes to facilitating the management of pan-regional (East Asia) disputes; from economic cooperation to economic integration, and from nation building to regional community (ASEAN) building. ERIA works with the ASEAN Chair in producing research projects that serve the Chair's objectives in the one-year chairmanship period, while working to secure the long term goal of deepening regional integration. 


27 June 2024
This report is an outcome of ERIA’s study conducted to examine how Cambodia can maximise the [...]
31 May 2024
Rapid population growth and economic development have become apparent in ASEAN countries in recent years. Moreover, each year [...]
15 May 2024
Patent information is required for prior art research when applying for a patent as well as technology prediction, [...]
2 April 2024
Over the last decade, tech startups have emerged as drivers of economic growth and innovation within the Association [...]
14 March 2024
Achieving carbon neutrality involves the strategic selection of low or zero-carbon fuels and technologies. However, the prioritisation of [...]
7 March 2024
The rapid development of the digital economy in ASEAN offers broad economic and societal opportunities but also accentuates [...]
4 March 2024
Addressing climate change necessitates a prompt reduction in fossil fuel consumption; however, this imperative may conflict with investment [...]
23 February 2024
This paper examines the global semiconductor industry trade network and the place of the Association of Southeast Asian [...]
5 February 2024
The ultimate objective of urban policies is to enhance citizens' attachment to their city and overall well-being. While [...]
2 February 2024
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has established competitive production networks with Japan. However, to maintain the [...]
30 January 2024
Myanmar’s commitment to the Blue Economy is driven by the Sustainable Development Goals, and it has [...]
25 January 2024
This book integrates the essential aspects of economics, technology, and policy to propose practical solutions that can foster [...]
2 January 2024
Utilising fuel ammonia offers a viable solution for reconciling the decarbonisation and economic development goals of ASEAN countries. [...]
29 November 2023
This study investigates the impacts of COVID-19 government policies and trade measures on trade flows and trade resilience [...]
29 November 2023
The broader adoption of non-fossil fuel vehicles, such as those running on biofuels and electric power, is intricately [...]
29 November 2023
This study empirically examines the nexus amongst financial integration, trade integration, and instability in various emerging and Association [...]
28 November 2023
Global efforts to control the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic have had a major impact on the international travel [...]
27 November 2023
The advancement of technology and borderless working accelerated by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has pushed the Association of [...]
27 November 2023
T his overview provides a brief assessment of the blue economy of thePhilippines, listing the main challenges and [...]
3 November 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) is attracting significant attention worldwide in 2023 because of its potential to transform economies and societies. [...]
2 November 2023
Over the last decade, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has undergone significant development in digitalisation. The [...]
29 September 2023
‘ASEAN Regional Guidelines for Sustainable Agriculture in ASEAN’ were adopted at the 44th Meeting of the [...]
31 August 2023
From COP 26 to COP 27, countries have made ambitious pledges towards achieving Net-Zero Emissions by the mid-century. However, the [...]
28 August 2023
Digital transformation has profoundly reshaped not only the way we work but also the way we live. It [...]
23 August 2023
This book explores the evolution of ASEAN policies and initiatives on the digital sector and digital economy and [...]
11 August 2023
The ASEAN–Japan relationship began in 1973 and gained significant momentum  in the late 1980s with a [...]
10 July 2023
Prior to the pandemic, cross-border trade and people mobility were experiencing significant growth, painting a promising picture for [...]
7 July 2023
Climate change has resulted in a surge in natural disasters, and the Asia-Pacific region alone contributes to over [...]
30 June 2023
The increasing electricity demand in the ASEAN region, driven by steady economic growth, necessitates a well-balanced and optimal [...]
15 June 2023
Universal health coverage (UHC) envisions that everyone has access to a comprehensive range of high-quality health services, without [...]
15 May 2023
The adoption of advanced technology comes with the risk of cyberattacks. Despite the remarkable prospects of the digital [...]
3 May 2023
The electricity sector's reforms aim to modernise its infrastructure, rules, policies, and procedures to allow for more [...]
28 April 2023
This report by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) for RKC-MPD ERIA aims to provide an overview [...]
26 April 2023
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated the importance of digital technologies in the economy, particularly in e-commerce [...]
2 February 2023
As carbon dioxide emission reductions become increasingly urgent to counter climate change, many nations have announced net-zero emissions [...]
2 February 2023
 The war between Russia and Ukraine since February 2022 has triggered renewed concerns about global economic decoupling. Although [...]
2 February 2023
Digital transformation (DX) is one of the most crucial innovations to have changed modern life over the last [...]
11 January 2023
The economic impact of the development of transport and digital infrastructure and the adoption of energy-saving technologies envisaged [...]
10 January 2023
All Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States acknowledge the importance of gender data for policymaking on [...]
13 December 2022
Gender-based cyber violence inhibits progress towards gender digital equality by discouraging women from participating in the digital economy. [...]
13 December 2022
This paper assesses the nature of policy, media, and research representations of women’s inequality in digital [...]
9 December 2022
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia face tremendous challenges in navigating the future energy [...]
6 December 2022
This policy brief highlights the importance of maintaining open regionalism and economic and regional integration for sustainable and [...]
29 November 2022
Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transport sector is now attracting attention worldwide. To meet the Paris [...]
16 November 2022
The national oil companies (NOCs) of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) must strengthen their efforts to [...]
15 November 2022
This report examines the current and potential role of digital technology in fostering the inclusion and economic empowerment [...]
25 October 2022
The study on, ‘Decarbonisation of Thermal Power Generation in ASEAN Countries’ analyses the potential carbon dioxide ([...]
24 October 2022
This paper aims to understand how the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), an international [...]
21 October 2022
The Trade in Services Chapter of the RCEP Agreement establishes the rules for the progressive liberalisation of trade [...]
21 October 2022
This paper attempts to discuss the potential role of RCEP from the perspective of two kinds of international [...]
21 October 2022
East Asia’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into force in 2022 as the world’s [...]
21 October 2022
This paper presents the trends and patterns in the inflows and outflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) and [...]
21 October 2022
The aim of this paper is to analyse the trade remedies chapter in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership ([...]
21 October 2022
In this chapter, we start with an overview of trade flows in modern services within the Regional Comprehensive [...]
21 October 2022
This study estimates the potential economic effects of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by using a recursively [...]
4 October 2022
This policy brief highlights current practices in inclusive education in elementary and secondary schools at the regional level. [...]
29 September 2022
We overview the economic backgrounds of the countries participating in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations and [...]
29 September 2022
This paper examines the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) role in the formation of the Regional [...]
29 September 2022
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) – a mega free trade agreement comprising 15 countries – the 10 Association of [...]
27 September 2022
Small modular reactors (SMRs) are advanced nuclear reactors that have a power capacity of up to 300 MW per [...]

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