Past Events

22-23 June 2021 The First Asia CCUS Network Forum Virtual Room Ms Tri Muliani Manik
17 June 2021 ASEAN on Point: How Policies can Support the Private Sector in Combatting Marine Plastic Debris Virtual Room Ms Devina Anglingdarma
16 June 2021 OECD-ERIA GoHE in Conversation with Eric Sim Virtual Room Ms Sheila Fathiya
15-16 June 2021 9th Asian Regional Roundtable Virtual Room Ms Kemala Putri
08 June 2021 Unlocking the Lockdowns: Alignment of Domestic and Regional Policies Post-Covid-19, Cambodia Virtual Room Ms Sheila Fathiya
27-28 May 2021 The Second Workshop on “ERIA Microdata Research Project for Fiscal Year 2020 on ‘Global Market Entry, Survival, and Exit of Firms: Understanding the Process and the Effects’’ Virtual Room Ms Riska Septovia

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