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Patent Information Utilisation to Promote Innovation in the ASEAN Region

Patent Information Utilisation to Promote Innovation in the ASEAN Region
15 May 2024
Patent information, workshops, invention business, education, AMS, ASEAN

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Patent information is required for prior art research when applying for a patent as well as technology prediction, policy planning, corporate management strategies, corporate value evaluations, and research theme setting. This project seeks to understand the needs of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States (AMS) in relation to patent information searches and construction of national patent information databases and to create and to provide education and training support that meets these needs. A survey of intellectual property offices (IPOs), universities, private companies, and law firms in each AMS was undertaken as well as an analysis of the current status of national patent information search systems. Results then helped shape patent information utilisation workshops and invention business contests in AMS to support practical education and training. The survey found that only 4 AMS are building their own patent information databases; patent searches are instead being conducted using global or commercial databases. The workshops and contests under this project thus helped promote patent information searching education, and many participants expressed expectations for future project activities.


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