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ERIAs Support for Indonesias G20 Presidency

17 November 2022
G20 Indonesia

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Jakarta, 16 November 2022: The two-day Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Bali ended on 16 November 2022 with the ratification of the Leaders’ Declaration. The declaration begins with an affirmation of the importance of global economic cooperation and with the acknowledgments of the multidimensional crisis from the COVID-19 Pandemic, climate change, and geopolitical crises that have thwarted global sustainable development. G20 leaders agreed to make various efforts in ensuring food and energy security, adoption of digital technologies for innovations, further collective action in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, addressing climate change, and the strengthening global health sector.

Throughout Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, ERIA has given support by participating in various working groups, conducting relevant research,  producing key publications, and attending several G20 events. To these contributions, ERIA's support is acknowledged on page 17 of the G20 Leaders’ Declaration.

Working Groups:

  • Trade, Investment, and Industry Working Group
  • Energy Transition Working Group
  • Agriculture Working Group
  • Digital Economy Working Group
  • Infrastructure Working Group
  • Women Empowerment Working Group

Key Publications:

ERIA T20 Publications:

  1. Digital Industrialization Building Internationally Competitive Digital Industries with Global Value Chain Connectivity, co-authored by Dr Dionisius Narjoko
  2. Smart Cities, Standardization and DX Challenge for Digital Government, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi
  3. Embedding the Circular Economy in Global Value Chains: Strategies and Frameworks for a Just and Effective Transition, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi
  4. Reframing of Global strategies and Regional Cooperation Pathways for an inclusive Net-Zero Strategy in the Energy Transition Framework, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Ms Dian Lutfiana, Dr Alloysius Joko Purwanto, Ms Citra Endah Nur Setyawati
  5. Towards an International Agreement on Plastic Pollution: The Role of the G20, co-authored by Mr Michikazu Kojima, Mr Hendro Putra Johannes, Ms Putri Ellen Edita, Mr Fusanori Iwasaki
  6. Digital Transformation of Agri-Food System: Policy Pathways for Greater Socio-Economic Inclusion, Sustainability, and International Cooperation, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Ms Siti Mustaqimatud Diyanah, Mr Masanori Kozono
  7. Planning and Investment in Efficient and Inclusive Infrastructure and Supply Chains in Post-Covid-19 recovery, co-authored by Ms Anita Prakash
  8. Enhancing Infrastructure Provisions to Address the Digital Divide, co-authored by Dr Fauziah Zen
  9. Promoting Resilient Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships, co-authored by Dr Fauziah Zen 

G20 / T20 Side Event Series

ERIA co-hosted/participated in the events below:

G20 Ministerial Conference

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