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T20 Summit Encourages G20 Leaders to Support More Inclusivity

4 September 2022

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Bali, 4-6 September: The T20 Summit, with the  theme ‘Strengthening the Role of the G20 to Navigate the Current Global Dynamics,’  was held on Bali on 4-6 September 2022 with more than 80 speakers from eminent institutions and organizations gathered to present the latest research-based policy recommendations and matters of global importance.

After working with more than 600 authors on policy briefs around three key themes this year aimed to deliver policy options that can be adopted by the G20 leaders on: global health architecture, digital transformation, and energy transition. The Summit also served as an interactive platform for peers to advance and share ideas on building a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive world. With 4 plenaries, more than 16 thematic sessions, networking experiences, and small group sessions, the T20 Summit 2022 provided a deep dive into the cross-cutting thematic areas that represent the most pressing challenges in the region.

ERIA served as a knowledge partner of the T20 Secretariat in Indonesia’s Presidency. ERIA’s experts acted as Co-chairs in Task Force 1, Task Force 2, Task Force 3, and Task Force 8;

Task Force 1  : Open Trade, Sustainable Investment and Industry: Dr Dionisius Narjoko

Task Force 2  : Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cyber Security, Empowerment: Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

Task Force 3  : Governing Climate Target, Energy Transition and Environmental: Prof Jun Arima

Task Force 8  : Resilient Infrastructure and Financing: Dr Fauziah Zen

Leading up to the Summit, ERIA experts also authored several policy briefs: 

  1. Digital Industrialization Building Internationally Competitive Digital Industries with Global Value Chain Connectivity, co-authored by Dr Dionisius Narjoko
  2. Smart Cities, Standardization and DX Challenge for Digital Government, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi
  3. Embedding the Circular Economy in Global Value Chains: Strategies and Frameworks for a Just and Effective Transition, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi
  4. Reframing of Global strategies and Regional Cooperation Pathways for an inclusive Net-Zero Strategy in the Energy Transition Framework, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Ms Dian Lutfiana, Dr Alloysius Joko Purwanto, Ms Citra Endah Nur Setyawati
  5. Towards an International Agreement on Plastic Pollution: The Role of the G20, co-authored by Mr Michikazu Kojima, Mr Hendro Putra Johannes, Ms Putri Ellen Edita, Mr Fusanori Iwasaki
  6. Digital Transformation of Agri-Food System: Policy Pathways for Greater Socio-Economic Inclusion, Sustainability, and International Cooperation, co-authored by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Ms Siti Mustaqimatud Diyanah, Mr Masanori Kozono
  7. Planning and Investment in Efficient and Inclusive Infrastructure and Supply Chains in Post-Covid-19 recovery, co-authored by Ms Anita Prakash
  8. Enhancing Infrastructure Provisions to Address the Digital Divide, co-authored by Dr Fauziah Zen
  9. Promoting Resilient Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships, co-authored by Dr Fauziah Zen 

At the Gala Dinner, ERIA’s President Prof Hidetoshi Nishimura congratulated the Government of Indonesia as the Chairman of G20 2022, stating ERIA’s strong commitment to support the G20 process in 2022. ERIA’s Chief Economist, Prof Fukunari Kimura also participated as a speaker in the plenary session discussing the theme: ‘Bridging Diverse Interests for Greater Global Cooperation’.

ERIA also co-hosted a Special Session: Launch of ‘G20 Research Forum’: Towards Multi-Dimensional Perspectives on G20 Development Agenda, where Prof Nishimura delivered a remarks and Ms Anita Prakash, ERIA’s Senior Policy Advisor for International Economic Cooperation, participated as a panelist. See Press Release HERE

Dr Lili Yan Ing, ERIA’s Lead Advisor (Southeast Asia Region) participated as a panelist in a session ‘Leveraging Digital Transformation and Smartization to Improve Quality of Life’.  See Press Release HERE

 Dr Fauziah Zen, ERIA’s Senior Economist participated as a moderator in a session ‘Promoting Sustainable Investment and Financing (SIF) as A New Approach for Infrastructure Development’

ERIA also has a great chance to connect with other eminent institutions from around the world and showcase our publications through ERIA’s booth that was opened for the whole two days. ERIA congratulates the success of this event.

The Think20 (T20) is the official engagement group of G20 bringing together leading think tanks and research centres worldwide.

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