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Demand and Supply Potential of Hydrogen Energy in East Asia - Phase 2

Demand and Supply Potential of Hydrogen Energy in East Asia - Phase 2
31 December 2020
Shigeru Kimura, Ichiro Kutani, Osamu Ikeda, Ryo Chihiro
East Asia, Energy, Hydrogen, Infrastructure, Innovation, Environment

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Throughout fiscal year 2019–2020 ERIA conducted the phase 2 study on hydrogen demand and supply potential in the East Asia Summit (EAS) region. It involved a) a review of future hydrogen demand through interviews with experts on fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen power generation; b) an introduction to Japan’s hydrogen demonstration project being implemented in the southern part of Australia; c) holding workshops to introduce the outcomes of phase 1 and phase 2 of ERIA’s hydrogen study; and d) setting up of a EAS hydrogen working group to discuss national hydrogen policies, Japan’s hydrogen demonstration projects being implemented in Australia and Brunei Darussalam, and the hydrogen supply chain. The phase 2 study also assessed how to reduce hydrogen supply cost through chemical and liquefaction processes. The hydrogen potential phase 2 study highlighted the following results: 1) hydrogen demand to be used for gas power generation (mixing hydrogen and gas) will be essential; 2) The cost of liquid hydrogen is expected to fall as much as liquefied natural gas; 3) Raising demand for hydrogen will be key to reducing hydrogen supply cost; and 4) increase of common understanding of hydrogen as zero carbon energy in future.

Full Report 

 Demand and Supply Potential of Hydrogen Energy in East Asia – Phase 2


Front Matter

Preface and Acknowledgements

List of Project Members


List of Figures and Tables

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Review of Hydrogen Production and Supply Cost

Chapter 2 - Hydrogen Demand Potential (Phase 2)

Chapter 3  - Review of Hydrogen Transport Cost and its Perspective (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier)

Chapter 4 - Review of Hydrogen Transport Cost and Its Perspective (Liquefied Hydrogen)

Chapter 5 - EAS Hydrogen Working Group

Chapter 6 - Hydrogen Workshops 


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