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An International Analysis of Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power

An International Analysis of Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power
17 October 2018
Tomoko Murakami, Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

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Across countries and continents, public acceptance of nuclear power is a crucial factor for governmental establishment of a nuclear energy programme. Therefore, it is important to understand the determinants of public acceptance of nuclear power. This report examines the effects of knowledge, trust, risk, and benefit related factors on public acceptance of nuclear power in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Through field visits and interactive workshops different levels of public acceptance and related communication strategies to effect changes are identified. The report also identifies the effective communication role sub-regional authorities and non-governmental organisations could play. The cost of generating electricity and energy security concerns appear to have the strongest positive effect on public acceptance of nuclear power.

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Full Report



List of Project Members 

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary 

Chapter 1. Public View of Nuclear Energy Today 

Chapter 2. The Benefits of Nulear Power 

Chapter 3. Public Communication on Nuclear Power

Chapter 4. Findings on Public Acceptance Improvement

Chapter 5. Considerations and Policy Proposals


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