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Finance and Macroeconomy


Finance and Macroeconomy

Fiscal And Monetary Policies | International Economic Integrations | Free Trade Agreements | Trade Barriers And Facilitation | International Investment Protection

ERIA looks into issues related to macroeconomic policies including fiscal policies, monetary policies, international economic integrations, free trade agreements, trade barriers, trade facilitation, and international investment protection. Additionally, ERIA also investigate impacts of globalisation, economic shocks, financial crises, and foreign output shocks, among many others. Furthermore, ERIA also conducts various research on social security system, country risk, regional cooperation, market integrations, exports and imports, and many more.


7 May 2024
Exports have been a critical source for the resilience of the Malaysian economy during the COVID-19 pandemic and [...]
7 March 2024
The rapid ascent of industrialisation and economic success in ASEAN has often been built upon a take-make-waste system, [...]
15 January 2024
Indonesia's ongoing financial sector reforms align with regional commitments, particularly the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS), designed [...]
22 December 2023
This paper employs a two-economy model, which incorporates New Keynesian features, to examine the impact of a coronavirus [...]
Writer(s)/Editor(s) : ATF Study Group,
19 December 2023
Amidst climate change challenges, sustainable finance transactions declined in 2022 after a previous surge. Asia's fledgling sustainable finance sector [...]
31 March 2023
The evolving economic architecture in the Indo-Pacific rests squarely on the post-war construct of the Asia-Pacific, which is [...]
21 October 2022
This study estimates the potential economic effects of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by using a recursively [...]
29 September 2022
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) – a mega free trade agreement comprising 15 countries – the 10 Association of [...]
16 September 2022
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has caused trade disruptions; a drop in foreign direct investment; and scarring effects [...]
22 June 2022
While the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) seems to be behind us now, the scarring effects on employment, poverty, and [...]
30 May 2022
In this study, economic shocks on six selected Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States (i.e. [...]
22 February 2022
SMEs are the most important source of employment in all ASEAN countries, but a lack of access to [...]
13 December 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic as an exogenous shock has affected the business sector by disrupting production and shrinking demand [...]
11 November 2021
The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a unique cooperation initiative, bringing in scope for transnational cooperation between Partner countries, [...]
9 September 2021
This paper examines the macroeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic through the Computable General Equilibrium model. Due to [...]
18 August 2021
The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on public health, social life, economic conditions, and financial markets has been [...]
6 August 2021
As the digital economy expands in scale, scope, and form it poses major challenges for public revenue and [...]
5 July 2021
A timely and reliable prediction of economic activities is crucial in policymaking, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic [...]
1 July 2021
The Summary of ERIA Research Projects 2020-2021 provides an overview of both new and ongoing projects that [...]
29 April 2021
This study investigates the impact of various government interventions on the spread of COVID-19 as well as stock [...]
28 April 2021
Debates on resilience to economic shocks in the ASEAN region focus on what policymakers can do to mitigate [...]
11 March 2021
The World Bank considers financial inclusion to be an enabler for at least 7 of the 17 United Nation’[...]
Writer(s)/Editor(s) : Migrant Workers Need Better Welfare,
16 December 2020
Conflicting and controversial conclusions about the potential effects of microcredit on socio-economic development raise concerns over the effects [...]
30 September 2020
Using the World Bank’s Global Findex data, this research first shows that the efforts by the [...]
29 September 2020
This paper discusses the status of financial inclusion in Indonesia and examines the impact of financial inclusion – [...]
24 September 2020
The paper provides an overview of the existing measures of financial inclusion and critically evaluates the two widely [...]
24 September 2020
This study empirically examines the effects of financial inclusion on economic development, – economic growth, education, health, and [...]
24 September 2020
This paper presents an examination of the key impacts of financial inclusion on economic prosperity and wellbeing, and [...]
7 August 2020
The tax incentives designed to stimulate firm investment may have a large impact on labour market outcomes. Using [...]
24 June 2020
Plummeting demand for goods and services, caused by the sudden disruption in major economic activities, has set the [...]
26 May 2020
This book investigates individual companies’ and industries’ supply chain risk management approaches to identify risk drivers [...]
23 April 2020
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic poses great challenges for the economic integration of East and Southeast Asia. Much [...]
14 February 2020
Placing Asian economies on a low-carbon path requires an unprecedented shift in private investment and new financing models. [...]
29 January 2020
Under the Paris Agreement in 2015, the opportunities for the ASEAN Member States (AMS) to maximise low-carbon energy sources [...]
21 January 2020
The unprecedented rise in global interdependence since World War II, especially since the 1970s, has been very productive. [...]
27 August 2019
Lack of long-term financing, the existence of various risks, the low rate of return, and lack of capacity [...]
27 August 2019
Using a two-stage estimation of matched worker-industry data from 2000 to 2011, this study investigates the impact of global value [...]
30 April 2019
This book advances the international debate on the development of e-commerce with a focus on emerging ASEAN economies. [...]
20 March 2019
In this paper, using finely disaggregated firm-level export data for Thailand, we examine how firms’ export experience [...]
4 January 2019
2018  was a challenging year for policymakers in the East Asia region. Nonetheless, countries in the region were [...]
25 April 2018
The full year realisation of 2017 global gross domestic product (GDP) growth matches the expectation at the end of 2017. [...]
23 January 2018
The year 2017 was a good one for most East Asian countries. As almost all countries recorded higher year-to-date ([...]
13 February 2017
After almost a decade of weak growth and persistent high employment in the Eurozone, the world is entering 2017 [...]
31 January 2017
This policy brief presents an overview of the ASEAN economy in terms of its economic relationship with multinationals, [...]
16 January 2017
Southeast Asia expected to grow by 4.6 percent in 2017 Despite the global volatility and the slowdown in trade, Southeast [...]
7 December 2016
Expected Impact of Trump Administration's Policies on East Asia It is still uncertain how President-elect Donald Trump [...]
28 November 2016
Donald Trump elected as the President of the United States The election of Donald Trump as the 45th [...]
7 November 2016
Since 2011, under the Thein Sein government, Myanmar has started to build financial institutions almost from scratch. Japan has [...]
27 October 2016
The share of demand for fossil-fuel based energy (i.e. coal and oil) in Malaysia will remain the [...]
7 October 2016
G20 The 11th G20 Summit was held on 5-6 of September this year, hosted for the first time [...]
5 September 2016
The Fourth East Asia Summit Economic Ministers' Meeting held on 5 August in Vientiane re-affirmed the efforts to enhance [...]
18 August 2016
Great Britain's unexpected referendum to leave the European Union left the world in shock and triggered a [...]
23 May 2016
ERIA Microdata Research FY 2013 examines whether and how globalization has differential effects on small and (or versus) large [...]
30 April 2016
While tariffs have been reduced, the number of non-tariff measures (NTMs) continues to increase, and is often blamed [...]
26 April 2016
This paper proposes a method for constructing a tax administration measure of effectiveness or TAME, and describes its [...]
3 March 2016
Changes in the population age structure can have a significant effect on fiscal sustainability since they can affect [...]
24 February 2016
The financial sector is a part of the vital infrastructure of the economy. It can play an important [...]
16 February 2016
Energy is critical for almost all modern economic activities and for broader human development. Yet, access to energy [...]

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