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Integrative Report on Implementation of the Circular Economy in ASEAN

Integrative Report on Implementation of the Circular Economy in ASEAN
7 March 2024
Intan Murnira Ramli, Michelle Chandra Kasih
Circular Economy, Policy, ASEAN

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The rapid ascent of industrialisation and economic success in ASEAN has often been built upon a take-make-waste system, at the expense of environmental and human health. To mitigate further impacts, the circular economy emerges as an opportunity to conserve the environment, enhance well-being, and sustain economic growth. 

In ASEAN, immediate policies related to the circular economy have been formulated and applied in sectors such as agriculture, energy, and transportation. Most initiatives concentrate on eliminating food waste, promoting electric vehicles, and utilising renewable energy. However, execution faces challenges, including a lack of public participation, fragmentation between responsible ministries, limited access to technology and infrastructure, and societal perceptions regarding waste. 

This report advocates for a whole-of-nation approach, emphasising policy coherence amongst institutions, educational programmes, public–private financing for green infrastructure, subsidies, or incentives directed towards green transformation, all complemented with effective monitoring mechanisms. These strategies aim to accelerate ASEAN's transition towards a circular economy

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