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Hydrogen Sourced from Renewables and Clean Energy: A Feasibility Study of Achieving Large-scale Demonstration

Hydrogen Sourced from Renewables and Clean Energy:  A Feasibility Study of Achieving Large-scale Demonstration
20 December 2021
China, Energy, Hydrogen, RenewableEnergy

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China is emerging as one of the leading markets for hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies. However, it is surprising to find that most of the demonstration projects of fuel cell electric vehicles in the country are actually running on the supply of hydrogen from fossil fuel sources. Feasibility studies and implementation plan studies are thus called for to help accelerate the development of large-scale green or clean hydrogen energy demonstration. The study consisted of sub-projects covering technical, economic, financial, institutional, regulatory, and policy issues related to enabling large-scale hydrogen energy demonstration projects in China.  Feasibility studies of the selected demonstration projects were also conducted in collaboration with several industrial and academic entities. Findings from the above-mentioned sub-projects provide a basis for discussion to identify the key barriers as well as proper solutions, together with an agenda for actions necessary to realise the selected demonstration projects. The sub-projects were conducted by a working group made up of experts from both academia and industry, such as the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), China Hydrogen Alliance (CHA), University of Technology Sydney, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Foshan University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Grantham Institute of Imperial College London, Tokai University, Japan, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Green World Low-carbon Economy & Technology Center, China, China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd (CEEC), and Foshan Institute of Environment and Energy, China.

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Hydrogen Sourced from Renewables and Clean Energy:  A Feasibility Study of Achieving Large-scale Demonstration


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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Hydrogen Energy Demand and Supply Potential in China

Chapter 3 - Technical and Economic Feasibility of Renewable Energy to Hydrogen Projects in Southern Provinces for Supply to Guangdong

Chapter 4 - Hybrid Energy Systems for Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power and Hydrogen Production Based on Solar Energy

Chapter 5 - Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Power in South China

Chapter 6 - Financing Solutions for the Economic Feasibility of Hydrogen Projects: Case Study in China

Chapter 7 - China’s Hydrogen Energy Perspectives: A Survey of Policy and Strategy from the Hydrogen Technology Leading Economies

Chapter 8 - Feasibility Study of Large-scale Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in China from the Perspective of Safety Laws and Regulations

Chapter 9 - Green Hydrogen Standard in China: Standard and Evaluation of Low-Carbon Hydrogen, Clean Hydrogen, and Renewable Hydrogen

Chapter 10 - Curtailed Electricity Surplus from Renewables for Hydrogen: Economic and Environmental Analysis

Chapter 11 - A Strategic Roadmap for Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Demonstration Projects: Case studies from China

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