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Handbook on East Asian Economic Integration

Economic Integration, East Asian

Handbook on East Asian Economic Integration

This comprehensive Handbook provides an in-depth analysis of the nature of East Asian economic integration alongside thoughtful insights into contemporary issues, such as digital technology and the environment. Contributors provide detailed explanations of the origins of the topic, tracing the evolution of production networks and guiding readers through contemporary policy issues.

Key Features:

• Trade, poverty and Aid-for-Trade
• Skills and human capital development policies of ASEAN
• Institutional reforms, regulatory reform and measuring integration
• Agricultural development, structural transformation and East Asian trade

The Handbook concludes with a considered review of regional security and discusses how improvements in this area can cause obstructions to economic integration, highlighting future approaches for how these issues can be resolved.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Handbook on East Asian Economic Integration: An overview of shifting paradigm in globalisation, trade, and investment in East Asia

Fukunari Kimura, Mari Pangestu, Shandre Mugan Thangavelu, Christopher Findlay, and Dionisius Narjoko

Chapter 2 East Asian architecture of integration

Mari Pangestu and Shiro Armstrong

Chapter 3 Modelling Asia-Pacific regional integration

Peter A. Petri, Michael G. Plummer, and Fan Zhai

Chapter 4 Trade in goods with internationalised production activities

Toshiyuki Matsuura and Ayako Obashi

Chapter 5 FDI activities and integration in ASEAN and East Asia

Shandre Mugan Thangavelu, Shujiro Urata, and Dessie Tarko Ambaw

Chapter 6 International population mobility in East Asia

Aris Ananta and Evi Nurvidya Arifin

Chapter 7 Services

Christopher Findlay and Hein Roelfsema

Chapter 8 Agricultural development, structural transformation, and East Asian trade

Kym Anderson

Chapter 9 Institutional reform, regulatory reform, and integration in East Asia

Rashesh Shrestha and Ha Thi Thanh Doan

Chapter 10 Business impediments to economic integration in Southeast Asia

Cassey Lee

Chapter 11 Trade creation and utilisation of regional trade agreements

Kazunobu Hayakawa and Kohei Shiino

Chapter 12 Trade, poverty, and Aid-for-Trade

Jayant Menon and Anna Cassandra Melendez

Chapter 13 Investment in connectivity

Andrew Elek and Christopher Findlay

Chapter 14 Connectivity and the geographical simulation model

Ikumo Isono and Damiaan Persyn

Chapter 15 East Asian financial integration in banking, markets and regulation

Donald Hanna and Andrew Sheng

Chapter 16 Economic integration, climate change, and sustainable development in East Asia

Simon Tay

Chapter 17 Energy transition for fuelling economic integration in East Asia

Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

Chapter 18 Reorganisation of production

Fukunari Kimura and Dionisius Narjoko

Chapter 19 Skills and human capital development policies of ASEAN

Shandre Mugan Thangavelu and Wenxiao Wang

Chapter 20 Digitalisation and market integration

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama

Chapter 21 The economics–security nexus and East Asian integration

Priya Chacko and Kanishka Jayasuriya

About the book

496 pages

ISBN: 9781788975155


Collection: Economics 2021



Fukunari Kimura, Mari Pangestu, Shandre Mugan Thangavelu, Christopher Findlay

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