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Demand and Supply of Long-term Care For Older Persons in Asia

Demand and Supply of Long-term Care For Older Persons in Asia
27 August 2019
Reiko Hayashi
healthcare, Asia

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In East and Southeast Asia, the numbers and proportions of older persons are increasing. The quickly increasing elderly population will create greater demand for long-term care. This report provides care demand estimates for the coming decades based on the care need statistics of several countries, as well as the increasing numbers of elderly people living alone, which significantly affects care demand. As for the supply of long-term care, this publication reports on the current status of the care workforce, which varies from country to country depending on the stage of development of the long-term care system. The situation of long-term care facilities is also briefly analysed.

Data comparison amongst countries highlights the existing challenges. Rapid increases in care need should be addressed through a system providing long-term care and policy dialogues should be encouraged.

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ERIA - RPR - 2018 - 08


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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Demand of Long-term Care: Care Need

Chapter 3. Demand for Long-term Care: Older Persons Living Alone

Chapter 4. Supply of Long-term Care: Long-term Care Workforce

Chapter 5. Supply of Long-term Care: Care Facility

Chapter 6. Conclusion and Way Forward


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