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Urban Development


Urban Development

Public Transportation | Health | Socio-cultural Community | Low-carbon Smart Cities | Green Growth Model | Rural Development | Smart Community Development

Many ASEAN and East Asian countries have been experiencing rapid urban development where significant number of their population resides. Therefore, ERIA works on various topic within and surrounding urban development like public transportation, health, socio-cultural community, low-carbon smart cities, green growth model, rural development, smart community development, and people-centred inclusive economic growth.


5 February 2024
The ultimate objective of urban policies is to enhance citizens' attachment to their city and overall well-being. While [...]
31 January 2024
We examine the Covid-19 pandemic-induced negative effects on household welfare in rural Viet Nam. Analysing recent Viet Nam [...]
13 September 2023
Industrial agglomeration is an important component to create efficiency and externalities for industrial growth and competitiveness for the [...]
16 September 2022
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has caused trade disruptions; a drop in foreign direct investment; and scarring effects [...]
11 April 2022
With the coronavirus disease (COVID-19, the spread of teleworking means that people do not necessarily have to live [...]
1 July 2021
The Summary of ERIA Research Projects 2020-2021 provides an overview of both new and ongoing projects that [...]
25 November 2020
This study measures the pro-poorness of urban and rural economic growth by region from 2004 to 2014 in Indonesia using [...]
4 August 2020
All over the world, public acceptance of nuclear power is a crucial factor in decisions on public and [...]
14 May 2020
Jakarta, 14 May 2020: A webinar dialogue on Realizing Smart Cities was jointly hosted by the Smart Cities Network [...]
31 August 2018
Africa’s young demography and developing economy require integration and expansion into the global value chains. Asia [...]
29 June 2018
Indonesia has enjoyed a long spell of sustained and relatively rapid economic expansion, largely on the back of [...]
18 October 2016
The 2012 research of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia on energy efficiency of urban transport [...]
20 June 2016
Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030 sets out comprehensive and unique industrial development strategies for [...]
26 January 2016
This paper looks at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) cooperation on rural development, employment creation, and [...]
26 January 2016
Possible Improvement in InfrastructureDa Nang City in Viet Nam plans to develop a bus rapid transit (BRT) system [...]
20 November 2015
The original version of the Comprehensive Asia Development Plan (CADP), which was submitted to the East Asia Summit [...]
16 November 2015
An inclusive, sustainable, resilient, and dynamic community that engages and benefits the people is what ASEAN aspires to [...]
1 September 2015
This paper discusses the status, opportunities, and modalities for engendering liveable low-carbon smart cities in ASEAN as an [...]
17 March 2015
This Policy Brief is based on ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-18 titled "Managing Economic Shocks and Macroeconomic Coordination in [...]
28 October 2014
This study examines ways of improving energy efficiency in the transport sector of countries of the East Asia [...]
30 June 2014
ASEAN RISING: ASEAN and AEC Beyond 2015 puts together ideas, thoughts and papers from more than 30 experts and specialists [...]
13 November 2013
This paper attempts to investigate the features of development and restructuring patterns of regional production/distribution networks, mainly [...]
11 November 2013
Using a stylized framework of technological capability development through pursuing Keynesian-Kaleckian style demand management strategies, this paper discusses [...]
19 September 2013
After decades of isolation, Myanmar is now actively re-engaging with the global economy. For successful re-engagement, Myanmar needs [...]
13 August 2013
Myanmar has embarked on an ambitious program of sweeping reforms to end its isolation and integrate its economy [...]
1 August 2013
New Zealand's history of natural disasters and its vulnerability to various types of disaster are outlined briefly. [...]
11 June 2013
Myanmar has opened up to democratic and economic reforms. Bureaucracy is one of the chosen agents of reforms, [...]
1 June 2013
  Working Group MembersMR. ICHIRO KUTANI (LEADER): Assistant Director, Senior Economist, Manager, Global Energy Group 1, Strategy Research Unit, [...]
31 May 2013
Myanmar has entered a new era of all-round reforms. Donors and foreign investors are mainly interested in Yangon, [...]
18 December 2012
Many foreign investors are now interested in Indonesia, especially in the automotive sector, because ofits growing attraction as [...]
24 August 2012
This paper uses the general method of moment (GMM) regression technique to estimate an cross-country energy demand function [...]
1 February 2012
Spatial designing of economic development with enhancing connectivity has become essential to pursue both sustained growth and the [...]
1 August 2011
Asia as a whole is experiencing a rapid demographic transition toward older population structures. Within this broader region-wide [...]
1 October 2010
The ASTP Project has been conducted by the ASEAN Secretariat and the ERIA Study Team including the Project [...]
1 October 2010
Professor Fukunari Kimura: Chief Economist, ERIA.Dr. Ponciano S. Intal, Jr. : Senior Researcher, ERIA.Mr. So Umezaki: Researcher, [...]
1 March 2010
Project LeaderPatarapong Intarakumnerd: College of Innovation, Thammasat University, Thailand.Project MemberSunil Mani: Centre for Development Studies, India.Haryo [...]
1 June 2009
Various reports show that special economic zones (SEZ) have become a prime catalyst for regional development in developing [...]

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