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The research projects examine the rationale behind the use of competition policy as growth strategy and how it affects the productivity of firms. 


2 November 2023
Over the last decade, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has undergone significant development in digitalisation. The [...]
12 July 2023
The population in Asia is ageing, resulting in an increased demand for nurses and care workers. Consequently, the [...]
3 July 2023
This paper explores the consequences of a policy regime in which state firms enjoy privileged access to capital [...]
15 May 2023
Viet Nam’s economy has grown and changed in dramatic ways since WTO accession in 2007. Much of [...]
4 February 2022
Local content requirements (LCRs) are one of several economic instruments used by governments to protect infant domestic industries [...]
17 December 2021
The present study investigates the role of innovation on global market survival of Indian manufacturing firms. Specifically, the [...]
11 November 2021
The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a unique cooperation initiative, bringing in scope for transnational cooperation between Partner countries, [...]
1 July 2021
The Summary of ERIA Research Projects 2020-2021 provides an overview of both new and ongoing projects that [...]
23 February 2021
We use two waves of data from the India Human Development Survey to investigate the effect of family [...]
18 February 2021
Viet Nam has enjoyed more than a generation of rapid economic growth, led by labour-intensive exports. This form [...]
8 February 2021
This paper provides an overview of the participation of women in the digital economy across ASEAN. By using [...]
8 February 2021
This policy brief provides evidence of the persistent digital gender divide across ASEAN and explains how it is [...]
27 August 2019
A key question for the bottom-up development of the food value chain (FVC) is how agri-food producers, mainly [...]
14 June 2019
This paper critically considers the operation and objective of Japan’s ‘creative industry’ policy and [...]
12 October 2018
The challenging economic conditions in the second quarter (Q2) of 2018 continued into the third quarter (Q3). Economic performance [...]
17 July 2018
Economic performance in the East Asian region remained favourable in the first quarter of 2018, but entering the second [...]
13 November 2017
The growing literature on trade has proven that transparency has positive effects on trade and investment. This is [...]
20 September 2017
The Republic of Korea (henceforth Korea) has managed to achieve sustained economic growth by moving up the value [...]
3 April 2017
This paper examines the rationale behind industrial policy and competition policy as growth strategies, and shows that competition [...]
31 January 2017
This policy brief presents an overview of the ASEAN economy in terms of its economic relationship with multinationals, [...]
5 December 2016
We define and measure "firm-product-destination-year-specific export quality" and investigate how quality competition from China affects Indonesian firm productivity [...]
7 October 2016
Insufficient information and inadequate capacity to carry out comprehensive energy planning are identified as the main contributing factors [...]
21 September 2016
The transition to a circular economy is a unique opportunity for fast-growing Asian economies to be resource efficient, [...]
31 August 2016
We examine the impact of free trade agreement (FTA) utilisation on import prices. For this analysis, we employ [...]
4 August 2016
The ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025 emphasises that 'the drive towards a competitive, dynamic, innovative and robustly growing ASEAN [...]
31 July 2016
As H.E. Deputy Minister Rizal Lukman of Indonesia said in 2015: 'The emergence of the ASEAN Economic Community [...]
15 July 2016
The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) enters into its third decade with commitments for a renewed and deepened engagement between [...]
23 May 2016
ERIA Microdata Research FY 2013 examines whether and how globalization has differential effects on small and (or versus) large [...]
26 January 2016
This paper discusses the problems in the implementation of Law No. 5 of 1999, the Indonesian Competition Law, explains the [...]
10 December 2015
Competition law was almost unheard of in the first hundred years after the Sherman Act was passed. However, [...]
10 December 2015
Competition is becoming an important issue among the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). However, [...]
26 November 2015
Economic development policies that were export-focused and biased toward unbalanced growth were initially implemented through government-led initiatives in [...]
26 November 2015
 Despite Vietnamese competition authorities' attempts to control state monopolies in domestic markets during the last 10 year of [...]
24 November 2015
Migration between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states will increase when the ASEAN Economic Community ([...]
16 November 2015
An inclusive, sustainable, resilient, and dynamic community that engages and benefits the people is what ASEAN aspires to [...]
29 October 2015
While tariffs have been reduced, the number of non-tariff measures (NTMs) is increasing, and is often blamed to [...]
28 September 2015
Due to lowering trade and transport costs, participation in the global value chains (GVCs) is becoming one of [...]
21 August 2015
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) presents a historic opportunity for East Asia to deepen cooperative commitment to [...]
22 June 2015
Singapore is an open economy that is critically dependent on leveraging external resources to achieve its economic growth. [...]

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