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The Development Potential of the Content Industry in East Asia and the ASEAN Region (Phase 2)

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The Development Potential of the Content Industry in East Asia and the ASEAN Region (Phase 2)

Executive Summary

Main Argument

Policymakers and experts from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand who comprised the ERIA working group on content industry conducted a two-year research project to propose policy recommendations for developing the content industry in Asia.

Through interviews, questionnaire survey, and discussions among the members, the working group conducted a SWOT (strength-weakness-opportunity-threat) analysis of the content industry in each country and in the Asian region as a whole, and further evaluated policies for promoting the industry based on 'necessity of policies' and 'effectiveness of policies'.

The study proposes the following policy recommendations: (i) Communicate industrial development visions, master plans, statistics; (ii) Establish international agreements; (iii) Introduce incentive schemes to encourage investments; (iv) Establish governmental financing schemes to promote private financing; and (v) Introduce and review the management of intellectual property rights protection, and anti-piracy measures.

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List of Project Members

Chapter 1. Background of this Study

Chapter 2. Market Trends in Content Industry

Chapter 3. Classification of Content Industry Promotion Policies

Chapter 4. Review of Policy Planning and Implementation

Chapter 5. Policy Evaluation: China

Chapter 6. Policy Evaluation: Indonesia

Chapter 7. Policy Evaluation: Japan

Chapter 8. Policy Evaluation: Korea

Chapter 9. Policy Evaluation: Malaysia

Chapter 10. Policy Evaluation: Philippines

Chapter 11. Policy Evaluation: Singapore

Chapter 12. Policy Evaluation: Thailand

Chapter 13. Policy Evaluation: Region - 8 Countries

Chapter 14. Policy Recommendations



Sirisak Koshpasharin, Kensuke Yasue

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