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Strengthening Information Security in the Business Sector

Strengthening Information Security in the Business Sector
1 March 2009
Komain Pibulyarojana, Xin Jie Wang, Eijiroh Ohki, Suguru Yamaguchi, Young Bin Kwon, Mohamad Shamir Bin Hashim, Meng Chow Kang, Dang Hai Hoang, Yasuko Kanno, Masayasu Murano, Shuji Kawaguchi, Kaori Maruta
Komain Pibulyarojana
Regulation and Governance, Infrastructure

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Table of Contents

I. Background and Objectives

II. Overview of the Research

III. Research for Strengthening Information Security in the Business Sector

1. Economic Impact of Strengthening Information Security in Asia
1.1. Economy of Asian Countries and Current Status of Enterprise Management
1.2. Current Status and Challenges of Enterprise Information Security Measures
2. Current Status of Information Security in Business Sector
2.1. Malaysia
2.2. Singapore
2.3. Thailand
2.4. Vietnam
2.5. China
2.6. Japan
2.7. Korea
3. Toward Establishment of a Common ISM Benchmark in Asia
3.1. Notice of Interpretation Regarding the Survey Results
3.2. Analysis of the Needs for the Common ISM Benchmark
3.3. Analysis of Functions Required for the Common ISM Benchmark
3.4. Common ISM Benchmark in Expansion of Direct Investment and Outsourcing in Asia
3.5. Toward Establishing the Common ISM Benchmark in Asia

IV. Conclusion

V. Appendix 1. Member List

VI. Appendix 2. IPA Information Security Management Benchmark (ISM benchmark)

VII. Appendix 3. Questionnaire for Respondents

VIII. Appendix 4. List of Authors

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