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Qualifications Framework for Long-term Care Workers in India, Japan, and the Philippines

Qualifications Framework for Long-term Care Workers in India, Japan, and the Philippines
13 July 2021
Takeo Ogawa, Osuke Komazawa
healthcare, long-term care, caregivers, care workers, India, Philippines, Japan

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Due to a steadily ageing global population, demand for care workers for older people is growing worldwide. In most societies and cultures, older people have traditionally been taken care of by family members, but shrinking family size has been making this difficult and businesses providing care for older people are emerging. Countries with aged populations are increasingly relying on foreign care workers.

This study focuses on a comparison of vocational qualifications frameworks in India, the Philippines, and Japan. It aims to contribute to the promotion of policy dialogue with a view to creating more skilled workers and to establish systems that can fairly recognise their competencies, so that their vocational skills can be much better utilised in any country.

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Qualifications Framework for Long-term Care Workers in India, Japan, and the Philippines


Title Page



Table of Contents

List of Project Members

List of Figures and Tables

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Qualifications and Framework of Long-term Care Workforce

Chapter 2: Overview

Chapter 3: Cross-border Care Workers in Japan

Chapter 4: Comparison of the Qualifications Framework for Long-term Care Japan and the Philippines

Chapter 5: Comparison of the Qualifications Framework forLong-term Care India and Japan

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations


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