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ERIA Annual Report 2017

ERIA Annual Report 2017

ERIA's 2017 Annual Report presents the Institute’s various research and research-related activities, events, and seminars, and its capacity building, policy design, communication, and publications achievements during fiscal year 2017. ERIA celebrated the ASEAN's golden anniversary with the [email protected] Project, by publishing a five-volume set of books, and holding three public seminars and a High Level Forum with the Government of the Philippines. The message from the ERIA President, Prof Hidetoshi Nishimura, also shows how ERIA expanded the scope of its research in fiscal year 2017, through inclusion of research on ageing populations and health care, and through the establishment of a policy design department. 




16 Member Countries

Message from President

Event Highlights


Deepening Economic Integration

Narrowing Development Gaps

Sustainable Development



Outreach and Dissemination

Outreach and Dissemination

Capacity Building Programme


Capacity Building Programme


Policy Design Department 


Policy Design Department




Annex A : Governing Board Members

Annex B : Academic Advisory Council Members

Annex C: Research Institutes Network

Annex D: Energy Research Institute Network

Annex E: ERIA Officials and Researchers

Annex F: Summit Statements in FY2017

Annex G: Outreach Activities of ERIA Researchers

Annex H: Seminars and Symposia

Annex I: Media Exposure

Annex J: Publications

Annex K: Capacity Building

Full Annual Report

ERIA Annual Report 2017


25 May 2018

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