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Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization In East Asia

Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization In East Asia

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Acknowledgement ,Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables

1. Background and Objectives

2. Methodologies

3. Implication/Expected Result/Future Development of This Study

4. Research Schedule

5. Members

6. Results

6.1 WG1 Meeting
6.1.1. Participating Countries
6.1.2. November 11: Technical tour of Pakuwon Jatropha Plantation, Indonesian Center for Estate Crops ????Research and Development (ICECRD)
6.1.3. November 12 : Working Group Meeting
1. Session I-Introduction of Current Status of BDF from WWFC and Vietnam
2. Session II - Biodiesel fuel trade handbook
3. Session 3-Presentation of New Topics
4. Closing Address

6.2. WG2 Meeting
6.2.1. Participating Countries
6.2.2. February 23: Working Group meeting
1. Session I - Biodiesel Fuel Trade Handbook
2. Session II - Updates of Current Biodiesel Status and Presentations of New Topics
3. Closing Address
6.2.3. February 23 : Presentation and Tour of Yanmar R&D Facility

6.3. WG3 Meeting
6.3.1. Participating Countries
6.3.2. June 29 : Working Group Meeting
1. Session I - Report of ECTF Meeting
2. Session II - "Biodiesel Fuel trade Handbook"
3. Session III - Report of each Country's situation
4. Closing Address and technical Tour of NFV Lab

6.4. After WG3



Lesley Dowling, Daniel Sheedy, Wugao Zhang, Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja, Soni Solistia Wirawan, Harrison Lau Lik Nang, Philippa Blunden, Zenada Ygnacio Monsada, Shinichi Goto, Rong Yan, Young Jae Lee, Peesamai Jenvanitpanjakul, Nuwong Chollacoop, O.S. Tyagi, Thi Tinh Hoang


Shinichi Goto

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