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Use Case Concretisation: Visualisation of Carbon Footprint

Use Case Concretisation: Visualisation of Carbon Footprint
2 February 2024
carbon footprint, energy, supply chain, ASEAN

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This report marks the progression of ‘The Vision for the Digitalisation of Supply Chains in ASEAN and Japan.’ The initial vision outlined four priority use cases crucial for implementing the vision: (i) visualisation of the supply chain structure, (ii) risk prediction, (iii) visualisation of carbon footprints, and (iv) design and research and development (R&D) data sharing. Building on the insights from our discussion group, our focus is now on concretising one specific use case in preparation for implementation. The chosen starting point is the visualisation of carbon footprints, given its significance in global and regional markets and the keen interest it garnered within the discussion group. Despite various ASEAN governments announcing net-zero targets, challenges persist due to inaccuracies in carbon emissions data and a lack of guidelines for greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations. This use case not only addresses the specific challenges faced by the automotive industry but also acts as a foundational element for other use cases. It identifies stakeholders across the industry’s value chain, establishing necessary data sharing standards and structures for broader initiatives.

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