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Regional Waste Management - Inter-municipal Cooperation and Public and Private Partnership

Regional Waste Management -  Inter-municipal Cooperation and Public and Private Partnership
20 October 2020
Michikazu Kojima, Akiko Hiratsuka-Sasaki, Shunsuke Kimura, Toshiaki Sasao, Vella Atienza, Enri Damanhuri, Takayuki Higashikata, Poome Petkanjanapong
Environment, Regional Waste Management, Waste Management, Asia, ASEAN

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To reduce the risk of COVID-19 and the leakage of plastic waste to the ocean, waste collection and disposal services should be expanded middle and small cities, and rural area.  But there is economy of scale in proper treatment and disposal facilities, such as waste to energy plant and sanitary landfill.  Some Asian municipalities started to formulate regional or inter-municipal cooperation on waste management. This report shows economies of scale in waste management, reviews regional waste management in Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and identifies some types of regional waste management schemes, including regional waste management with Public Private Partnership.

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Regional Waste Management –  Inter-municipal Cooperation and Public and Private Partnership


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Chapter 1 Regional Waste Management in Asia

Chapter 2 Inter-Municipal Cooperation and Regional Waste Management in Japan

Chapter 3 Inter-Municipal Cooperation on Solid Waste Management in Japan

Chapter 4 Cost Efficiency of Regional Waste Management and Contracting Out to Private Companies

Chapter 5 Promoting Local Collaboration on Waste Management: Lessons from Selected Cases in the Philippines

Chapter 6 Internal and External Factors in the Development of Regional Waste Cooperation in the Greater Bandung Region

Chapter 7 The Effect of Local Government Separation on Public Service Provision in Indonesia

Chapter 8 Clustering and Public–Private Partnerships: The Tools of Municipal Solid Waste Management Reformation in Thailand

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