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Intellectual Property Rights and ASEAN Development in the Digital Age

Intellectual Property Rights and ASEAN Development in the Digital Age
18 November 2021
ASEAN, intellectual property rights, Digital Connectivity, free trade agreement

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The trade-investment-service-intellectual property (IP) nexus remains at the heart of economic development and the main features of which are global value chains (GVCs) and digitalisation. The protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) has become a critical issue not only for advanced economies but also for emerging markets. This edited volume contributes to the debates on IPR protection and economic development from the perspective of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states. The book provides insights into the mechanism and evidence on how effective IPR protection will increase economic and social welfare via promoting innovation activities and providing incentives to diffuse knowledge and transfer technologies.

Written by economists and lawyers from the region, these experts share their latest findings and thoughts on how countries in Southeast Asia have been progressively improving IPR protection and increasing the interoperability of different IPR regimes through regional cooperation to facilitate business operations in the context of digital transformation.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction, Lurong Chen and Fukunari Kimura 
  2. IPR Protection and Global Value Chains in the Digital Era: With Policy Implications for ASEAN Development, Lurong Chen and Fukunari Kimura 
  3.  IPR Protection for Asian Development: Opportunities and Challenges from Global Value Chains and the Digital Economy – Singapore, Kung Chung Liu and Wenting Cheng 
  4.  The Challenges of Digital Economy and Copyright Protection in Indonesia, Poppy S. Winanti.
  5.  Intellectual Property and Digital Technology in Thailand: Opportunities and Challenges, Jakkrit Kuanpoth and Chawana Huangsuntornchai 
  6. Copyright Protection in Malaysia: Development and Challenges of the Digital Economy, Nurhidayah binti Abdullah and Hanira binti Hanafi 
  7. Assessing IPR Protection in the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Value Chain, Christopher E. Cruz, Kenbert Alan I. Ting, and Peter Immanuel D. Tenido 
  8. Enforcing IPR to Leverage Viet Nam’s Benefits from the GVCs and the Digital Economy, Duong Anh Nguyen, Thanh Tri Vo, and Hang Thu Dinh 
  9. Korea’s Intellectual Property Protection Strategy and Its Implications for ASEAN, Keon-Hyung Ahn.
  10. Patent Regulatory Framework in ASEAN in the Light of New Generation FTAs: A Comparative Analysis with the Andean Community and the Pacific Alliance, Liliana Lizarazo-Rodríguez.

About the book

Edited by Lurong Chen, Fukunari Kimura

250 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations

Series: Routledge-ERIA Studies in Development Economics

More Information

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