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Innovation Policy in ASEAN

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Innovation Policy in ASEAN

Innovation Policy in ASEAN is a first attempt at a comprehensive innovation study of ASEAN. The book includes not only an overall theoretical framework for ASEAN, but also individual country analyses based on detailed data, empirics, case studies including both those of success and of failure, and concrete policy recommendations ranging from national to ASEAN-wide regional innovation policies. For ASEAN it is important not only to increase investment in R&D and innovative activities, but also to enhance innovation capability’s physical and intangible characteristics, and improve the environment where innovation tends to take place. In the face of this significant challenge, achieving innovation can help each ASEAN Member State sophisticate its economies and industrial structures in the years to come. The book aims to provide insights for all stakeholders wishing to examine innovation policies in the region.

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Innovation Policy in ASEAN





Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Introduction to Innovation Policy in ASEAN

Chapter 2. Theoretical Framework for Innovation Policy in ASEAN

Chapter 3. Innovation Policy in China

Chapter 4 - Innovation Policy in Indonesia

Chapter 5 - Innovation Policy in Malaysia 

Chapter 6 - Innovation Policy in the Philippines

Chapter 7 - Innovation Policy in Singapore

Chapter 8 - Innovation Policy in Thailand

Chapter 9 - Innovation Policy in Viet Nam

Chapter 10 - Innovation Policy, Inputs, and Outputs in ASEAN

Chapter 11 - Conclusion and Policy Recommendations

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