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Forecast of Biomass Demand Potential in Indonesia: Seeking a Business Model for Wood Pellets

Forecast of Biomass Demand Potential in Indonesia: Seeking a Business Model for Wood Pellets
31 May 2022
Indonesia, Energy
Biomass, Energy, Indonesia, Japan

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Reduction of coal consumption for power generation and gasoline and diesel consumption for vehicles is indispensable for reducing CO2 emission in Indonesia. At the same time, the country has significant potential to contribute to reducing coal consumption and gasoline and diesel oil consumption through biomass. This is expected to reduce CO2 emission and increase the country’s renewable energy share to 23% in line with its commitment made during the COP 21 conference on climate change in Paris in 2015 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissionsThis study report presents biomass demand from the transportation and power generation sectors as well as biomass supply potential in Indonesia up to 2040 and the development of biomass power generation and the use of wood pellets in Japan. It also proposes a wood pellet business model for Indonesia and provides a set of conclusions and recommendations on how to optimise the role of biomass in achieving low-carbon energy transition in Indonesia. 

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Forecast of Biomass Demand Potential in Indonesia: Seeking a Business Model for Wood Pellets


Title page

Preface and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents

List of Project Members

List of Figures and Tables

List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Biomass Demand Potential up to 2040

Chapter 3 Biomass Supply Potential up to 2040

Chapter 4 Biomass Power Generation and Wood Pellets in Japan

Chapter 5 Wood Pellets Business Model in Indonesia

Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations



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