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Creating Better Social Acceptance for Electric Power Infrastructure

Creating Better Social Acceptance for Electric Power Infrastructure
30 October 2017
Tomoko Murakami
Energy, Infrastructure, Electricity Market

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This study comprehensively evaluates issues related to public acceptance of coal-fired power plants in Thailand and thus derives policy implications on how to mitigate public protests and prevent movements that oppose coal power plants. In general, its implications can be extended to achieving better public acceptance for any electric power infrastructure. For this purpose, an intensive survey of the energy system and case studies of coal-fired power plants in Thailand was conducted. The research revealed five major factors behind the strong opposition to the construction of coal power plants in Thailand, especially in the southern part. It also thoroughly reviewed the accumulated experience and knowledge of advanced countries in Europe and of international organizations regarding social acceptance and public involvement issues. These practices lead us to highlight several policy recommendations.

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Executive Summary


Chapter 1. Coal-fired Power Plants in Thailand

Chapter 2. Public Acceptance of Coal-fired Power Plants

Chapter 3. Examples in Other Countries

Chapter 4. Monitoring Exhausted Gas from CPPs: A Review

Chapter 5. Conclusions and Policy Implications



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