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World Trade Evolution: Growth, Productivity and Employment

World Trade Evolution: Growth, Productivity and Employment
1 November 2018
Co-Publications, Trade
Lili Yan Ing, Miaojie Yu
Trade, Routledge

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The book provides theoretical and empirical evidence on how world trade evolves, how trade affects resource allocation, how trade competition affects productivity, how China shock affects world trade and how trade affects large and small countries. It is a useful reference which focuses on new approaches to international trade by looking into country-specific as well as firm-product level-specific cases.

About the Book

Edited by Lili Yan Ing and Miaojie Yu

482 pages | 88 B/W Illus.

Series: Routledge-ERIA Studies in Development Economics




Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Lili Yan Ing and Miaojie Yu)

  2. National Sovereignty in an Interdependent World (Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger) 

  3. Trade Competition and Reallocations in a Small Open Economy (Marc Melitz)

  4. Trade in Goods and Trade in Services (Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum)

  5. On the Measurement of Upstreamness and Downstreamness in Global Value Chains (Pol Antras and Davin Chor)

  6. Understanding Regional Export Growth in China (David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson and Lei Li) 

  7. Estimating Productivity Using Chinese Data: Methods, Challenges and Results (Scott Orr, Daniel Trefler and Miaojie Yu)

  8. The Evolution of Export Quality: China and Indonesia (Lili Yan Ing, Miaojie Yu and Rui Zhang)

  9. Exporting and Organizational Change (Lorenzo Caliendo, Ferdinando Monte and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg)

  10. Firm-to-Firm Connections in Colombian Imports (Andrew Bernard, Esther Bøler and Swati Dhingra) 

  11. Chinese Import Exposure and US Occupational Employment (Marco Del Angel, Sanjana Goswami, and Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez)

  12. The ‘China Shock’ in Trade: Consequences for ASEAN and East Asia (Robert Feenstra and Akira Sasahara) 

  13. Modern Spatial Economics: a Primer (Treb Allen and Costas Arkolakis)

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