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The Cold Chain for Agri-food Products in ASEAN

ASEAN, Cold Chain, Agriculture, Food Value Chain

The Cold Chain for Agri-food Products in ASEAN

The cold chain system is indispensable for Southeast Asian countries with their mostly tropical climates. This report aims to contribute to spreading the cold chain with modern systems by revealing the actual condition of the cold chain in selected ASEAN countries – Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam. We focus on three aspects to describe the actual condition of the cold chain: the demand for the cold chain; the activities of the main players in the cold chain; and government policies. The discussions in each chapter provide further insights that could help to improve the cold chain, emphasising the importance of hard assets, soft assets, and other issues such as the integrated management of the chain. 

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RPR - 2018 -11


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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Cold Chain in Thailand

Chapter 3. Overview of the Cold Chain for Agriculture in Viet Nam

Chapter 4. A Cold Chain Study of Indonesia

Chapter 5. Inter-State and Transit Trade by Using the Cold Chain in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Chapter 6. The Cold Chain in Myanmar

Chapter 7. Summary and Policy Implications


19 September 2019


Agricultural Development , ASEAN


Eiichi Kusano

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