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Study on Electricity Supply Mix and Role of Policy in ASEAN

Energy, ASEAN, Electricity Market

Study on Electricity Supply Mix and Role of Policy in ASEAN

Increasing demand for electricity and relativity lower income level are urging ASEAN member states to develop large-scale power generating capacity in an economically efficient way. Mitigating environmental burden in this development is also becoming more important than ever. Thus, the simultaneous achievement of the so-called 3Es - energy supply security, economic efficiency, and environmental protection - in power development has become indispensable in the energy policy of ASEAN countries.

Each country has its policy/target for future power supply mix. Yet without an appropriate implementation tool, such policy or plan will likely not be implemented. This study then aims at suggesting possible policy tools to realise such an appropriate power supply mix.

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03 March 2017


ASEAN , Energy


Ichiro Kutani, Emiri Yokota

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