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Study on Biomass Supply Chain for Power Generation in Southern Part of Thailand

Energy, Biomass, Thailand

Study on Biomass Supply Chain for Power Generation in Southern Part of Thailand

This study was inspired by the leadership of His Excellency Dr Siri Jirapongphan, Thailand’s former Minister of Energy, as Thailand wants to see a greater role for renewable energy in the power generation mix to promote use of inclusive energy and sustainable development. This study of the biomass supply chain for power generation in the southern part of Thailand provides policy implications to promote biomass-fired power generation with a view to meeting increasing demand in the southern provinces. The study starts with scoping the supply chain of biomass and associated incoming generating opportunities for local people to engage in the activities, thereby increasing the earnings and well-being of people in the southern province. The study also analyses the levelised cost of energy to check the competitiveness of biomass power generation. The results suggest that expansion of biomass power generation in the southern provinces, supported by the government’s policy on feed-in tariff, makes investment in biomass power generation very attractive, and its expansion promotes jobs and improves the well-being of the people. 

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Chapter 1. Status on Renewable Energy SPP and VSPP

Chapter 2. Study on Biomass Potential in the Southern Part of Thailand

Chapter 3. Available Biomass for Power Generation in the Southern Region of Thailand

Chapter 4. Cost Estimation of Biomass Supply Chain in the Southern Region of Thailand

Chapter 5. Cost Analysis of Biomass Power Generation

Chapter 6. Conclusions and Policy Implications


03 September 2019


Thailand , Energy


Han Phoumin, Wongkot Wongsapai, Yaowateera Achawangku, Shigeru Kimura

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