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Establishment of a Secure and Safe e-Commerce Marketplace

Establishment of a Secure and Safe e-Commerce Marketplace
1 March 2009
Tsuneo Matsumoto
Innovation and Technology, Regulation and Governance

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I. Background and Objectives

II. Overview of the research

1. Outline
2. Research system

III. Research for establishment of a safe and highly reliable marketplace in ASEAN and East Asia
1. Current status of e-commerce market and related rules in each country
1.1. Summary and Analysis of Country Reports
1.2. Malaysia
1.3. Singapore
1.4. Thailand
1.5. Vietnam
1.6. People's Republic of China
1.7. Japan
1.8. Efforts of Consumers International
2. Leading cases of international cooperation for consumer disputes on e-commerce
2.1. BBB Online
2.2. ECC-Net
3. Toward international cooperation for consumer disputes on e-commerce
3.1. Asia Pacific Trustmark Alliance (ATA)
3.2. Concept of International Consumer Advisory Network (ICA-Net)
3.3. Prospects for application of an ODR System

IV. Conclusion
1. Status of e-commerce (EC) in East Asian countries
2. Scheme for building consumer confidence in cross-border transactions
3. ICA-Net test operation
4. Significance of the project and issues to be considered in the future

V. List of Authors

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