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Energy Sustainability and Development in ASEAN and East Asia

Energy Sustainability and Development in ASEAN and East Asia
29 April 2020
Suwin Sandu, Youngho Chang, Thai-Ha Le, Rabindra Nepal, Hammed Musibau, Ehsan Rasoulinezhad, Naoyuki Yoshino, Sangeeta V. Sharma, Vinod K. Sharma, Thai Ha Le, Muyi Yang, Reza Fathollahzadeh Aghdam, Yuping Deng, Yanrui Wu, Helian Xu
Han Phoumin, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Fukunari Kimura
Energy, ASEAN, routledge

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The rapid and sustained economic growth of the past two decades has led to marked increases in energy demand in the region, and developing Asia will continue to lead the energy demand growth. The increase in energy demand threatens energy security and efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions, affecting health and social well-being. These common energy challenges will need to be addressed through concerted efforts. This book provides several multi-dimensional quantitative analysis of the relationship between energy and other subjects including but not limited to income and economic growth, environment and health, food and agricultural production.

The book also provides the most constructive policy recommendations concerning the relationship between energy, economic development, social development, and environmental development.

About the Book

Edited by Phoumin Hahn, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary and  Fukunari Kimura 

192 Pages - 21 B/W Illustrations

Table of Contents


Introduction: Energy Sustainability and Development in ASEAN and East Asia (Han Phoumin, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary and Fukunari Kimura)

  1. Assessing the Health-Economy Impacts of Air Pollution in Southeast Asia  (Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary and Farzad Taghizadeh-Hesary) 

  2. Household-level Analysis of the Impacts of Electricity Consumption on Welfare and the Environment in Cambodia: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications (Han Phoumin, Fukunari Kimura and Suwin Sandu)

  3. Renewable Energy Integration, System Flexibility and Decarbonization: An Energy, Economic, Social and Environmental Nexus (Youngho Chang)

  4. Drivers of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in South-east and East Asia: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis (Thai-Ha Le)

  5. Does Renewable Energy Promote Energy Security and Economic Growth in the association of Southeast Asian Nations? (Rabindra Nepal, Hammed Musibau, and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary)

  6. Exploring the Relationship Between Energy Prices and Food Prices (Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Ehsan Rasoulinezhad, and Naoyuki Yoshino) 

  7. Energy, Income, Trade and Environment Nexus: Dynamic data analysis of India (Sangeeta V. Sharma and Thai-Ha Le, Han Phoumin and Vinod K. Sharma) 

  8. Energy Sustainability in Asia: An assessment based on composite indices and panel regression (Suwin Sandu, Muyi Yang, Han Phoumin and Reza Fathollahzadeh Aghdam)

  9. Environmental Regulation and Export Product Quality: Evidence from Chinese Firms (Yuping Deng, Yanrui Wu and Helian Xu)

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