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E-Commerce Connectivity in ASEAN

ASEAN, India, E-commerce, Connectivity, Trade, Regulation and Governance, Digital Economy

E-Commerce Connectivity in ASEAN

The next Asian miracle of growth could be born with the region's digital transformation. Digital connectivity is the cornerstone that will make the changes feasible and smoothen the transformation. It consists of not only physical connectivity that facilitates the movement of raw materials, intermediate goods, and goods, but also cyber connectivity to support free flows of data, information, and services.

This book provides policy insights for ASEAN to realise the potential of fast growth by improving regional digital connectivity with an emphasis on (i) data connectivity, (ii) logistics to facilitate the free flow of goods and services, (iii) connectivity to facilitate cash flows, and (iv) seamless links between the physical and cyber-space.




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E-Commerce Connectivity in ASEAN - Full Report


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Acknowledgements and List of Contributors

Chapter 1 - Overview

Chapter 2 - Improving Digital Connectivity for E-commerce: A Policy Framework and Empirical Note

Chapter 3 - Indonesia on the Move: Improving Connectivity to Support E-commerce

Chapter 4 - Improving Logistics Connectivity of E-commerce in the ASEAN Region

Chapter 5 - Prospects and Challenges in Improving E-commerce Connectivity in Malaysia

Chapter 6 - How Can E-marketplaces Turn Thailand into a Distributive Economy?

Chapter 7 - Policy Environment for E-commerce Connectivity in Viet Nam

Chapter 8 - Enabling India’s E-commerce Connectivity with ASEAN: E-payment in India – Problems and Prospects

Chapter 9 - A Threshold for Tariff and/or Tax Exemption

Chapter 10 - Network Cooperation in Cross-border E-commerce: A Conceptual Model of a Logistics Platform

Chapter 11 - Reconfiguring Production and Logistics Networks under the Global E-commerce Environment

Chapter 12 - E-Commerce Development in the Lao PDR: Some Policy Concerns

Chapter 13 - An Integrated E-commerce Platform for the ASEAN Tourism Industry: A Smart Tourism Model Approach

Chapter 14 - Connectivity and the Healthcare Market in Myanmar


Arkadiusz Kawa, Dang Thi Phuong Hoa, Ha Neul Han, Hossein Nezakati Alizadeh, Inkyo Cheong, Jin Young Hong, John Walsh, Kalamullah Ramli, Keokhuanchay Douangpaseuth, Leeber Lebouapao, Meghdad Abbasian Fereidouni, Muhammad Mehedi Masud, Noor Azina Ismail, Nuttawut Laksanapanyakul, Phonesavanh Sittideth, Rohit Singh, Sanjay Kumar Mangla, Yuanita Suhud, Lurong Chen, Fukunari Kimura


Lurong Chen, Fukunari Kimura

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