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Publications Catalogue 2024

Publications Catalogue 2024
5 June 2024

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ERIA publishes a diverse range of materials including books, research reports, discussion papers, and policy briefs to disseminate its research findings and policy recommendations. These publications cover various topics focusing on deepening economic integration, narrowing development gaps, and sustainable development, which are the three pillars underpinning ERIA's research agenda. Additionally, ERIA is actively engaged in energy-related research and has been conducting research on healthcare, the environment, and agriculture for the past 5 years.

During the fiscal year 2023, ERIA played an active role in supporting the ASEAN Chairmanship of Indonesia. It published numerous reports, policy briefs, and discussion papers exploring their implications for various aspects of the economy such as trade, investment, fiscal policy, energy, and healthcare. ERIA also collaborates with leading global publishers, co-publishing books with entities such as Routledge, Springer, World Scientific, and IGES. Notably, ERIA released 10 books during this period, including the two-series 'Infrastructure for Inclusive Economic Development' with a foreword from President Joko Widodo of Indonesia and contributions from three ministers. Furthermore, ERIA launched the book titled 'Viet Nam 2045: Development Issues and Challenges,' officially introduced by H.E. Thuong, President of Viet Nam, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan.

In fiscal year 2023 alone, ERIA produced a total of 10 books, 30 research project reports, 35 discussion papers, and 15 policy briefs, highlighting its commitment to generating valuable insights and recommendations for the region.

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