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Cambodia Basic Energy Plan


Cambodia Basic Energy Plan

The Cambodia Basic Energy Plan is the first ever publication of energy policy targets with numerical values, as much as possible, for each energy field such as oil, electricity supply, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security, and the energy outlook. This basic energy plan applies a common approach to analysing each energy field including current issues and establishing the appropriate targets for solving the issues, and provides action plans, polices, and roadmaps for achieving those targets. The plan aims for energy supply to Cambodia with affordability and accessibility, and it provides suggestions for creating a transparent energy market. The plan sets out many medium-term targets. These targets will need to be reviewed every 5 years after the government's implementation of programmes and actions aimed at achieving the targets set.

Full Report

Cambodia Basic Energy Plan 


Title Page

Foreword and Acknowledgements


List of Project Members

List of Tables and Figures

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Oil

Chapter 2. Electricity

Chapter 3. Renewable Energy

Chapter 4. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Chapter 5. Energy Security

Chapter 6. Energy Outlook


20 March 2019


Cambodia, Energy






Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia, The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

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