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Assessment of Electricity Storage Technology for Solar PV


Assessment of Electricity Storage Technology for Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) is one of the promising technologies to address not only climate issues but pollution and energy security concerns as well. The rapidly declining cost of solar PV systems makes it an even economically feasible choice for a country. However, it is also a fact that on-grid solar PV is beset with unresolved issues such as fluctuating power output. In terms of the choice of technologies, we already have existing alternatives such as lithium-ion batteries. In choosing the most appropriate technology, however, cost is one of the biggest considerations. This issue is well known but has not been well quantified. Hence, this study tries to quantify the necessary capacity of batteries against the output from solar PV, as well as their estimated total system costs. The cost estimates based on varied assumptions will help policymakers create better energy policies in their respective ASEAN countries.

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Chapter 1. Introduction 

Chapter 2. Current Status and Policy of ASEAN Member States

Chapter 3. Characteristics of Storage Technologies

Chapter 4. Assessment of Storage Technologies for Solar PV

Chapter 5. Policy Recommendations


31 October 2018




Sichao Kan, Yoshiaki Shibata, Ichiro Kutani

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