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ASEM Connectivity Inventory

ASEM Connectivity Inventory
28 September 2018
Anita Prakash, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Wouter Zweers, Brigitte Dekker

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The Asia Europe Meeting Pathfinders Group on Connectivity (APGC) has recognised ERIA as a key knowledge organisation to support the work on ASEM connectivity. In preparation for the 12th ASEM Summit and for taking the ASEM connectivity task forward, ERIA and Clingendael Institute prepared the 'ASEM Connectivity Inventory' for the APGC. The Report contains enumerations and qualitative analysis of ASEM connectivity activities since 2014, and gives recommendations on structure, processes, and coordination in the ASEM connectivity mechanisms. The report was presented to the APGC and the senior officials meeting in September, 2018.

For more information on the ASEM Connectivity Inventory, please contact Anita Prakash, Director General, PDD, ERIA at [email protected]

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ASEM Connectivity Inventory

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