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ASEAN Digital Community (ADC) 2045

Digital Economy, ASEAN Integration, 2045, ASEAN Digital Community

ASEAN Digital Community (ADC) 2045

Digital transformation has profoundly reshaped not only the way we work but also the way we live. It has shifted the focus of goods and services trade, emphasising not only what is produced and traded, but also how it is traded, customised, and delivered. The rapid digital transformation within the ASEAN region has ushered in an array of risks and challenges. These challenges encompass a spectrum of concerns, ranging from the safeguarding of data privacy and fortification against cyber threats to grappling with intensified competition and addressing the ever-widening digital divide. To fully embrace the opportunities presented by the digital age, ASEAN must lay the foundation for an ASEAN Digital Community (ADC) 2045, that can serve as a vision for ASEAN in embracing a new era. This visionary pursuit must be anchored in four pivotal cornerstones: robust data governance, the infusion of value-added principles, the establishment of seamless digital connectivity, and the propagation of digital inclusivity.


Full Report

ASEAN Digital Community 2045


28 August 2023


ASEAN, Innovation and Technology


Lili Yan Ing, Imam Pambagyo, Yessi Vadila, Ivana Markus, Livia Feliciani Nazara

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