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The Asian and Oceanian High School Students' Forum

The Asian and Oceanian High School Students' Forum

ERIA and the Wakayama Prefectural Government of Japan jointly organized the Asian and Oceanian High School Students' Forum.

Around 50 students from 21 countries of Asia and Oceania participated in the forum held in Wakayama, Japan on 5 November 2015 and gave presentations and discussed disaster management, cultural and tourism exchanges, and environmental issues. Mr. Yoshinobu Nisaka, Governor of Wakayama Prefecture, opened the forum.

In his welcome remarks, Prof. Nishimura said that "as we become more and more connected with the rest of the world, we have to understand that all the issues like natural disasters, the environment, and tourism and cultural exchange in a country are not just an individual country's issue. We must think of issues as a global citizen, and look for solutions that can be applied locally."

Prof. Nishimura also served as commentator in the session on globalization and tourism and cultural exchanges.

The forum aimed to contribute to the development of ideas among the students who are preparing themselves to play an active role in society.


10 November 2015



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