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T20 Call for Policy Briefs Abstracts

8 December 2022

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T20 will offer policy recommendations to the G20 leaders in the form of Policy Briefs. A Policy Brief must aim to be a crisp research output that outlines the rationale for adopting a particular policy alternative. It should:

  • (i) Pose the problem and why it is important for the G20;
  • (ii) Summarise th facts;
  • (iii) Spell out the policy options and their implications;
  • (iv) Offer specific recommendations.

Submission Guidelines

You are invited to submit Abstracts of your proposed Policy Briefs (PBs) focused on any of the T20 India Task Forces (TFs) listed below:

Task Forces

  1. Macroeconomics, Trade, and Livelihoods: Policy Coherence and International Coordination
  2. Our Common Digital Future: Open, Accessible and Inclusive Digital Public Infrastructure
  3. LiFE, Resilience and Values for Wellbeing
  4. Refuelling Growth: Clean Energy and Green Transitions
  5. Purpose & Performance: Reassessing the Global Financial Order
  6. Accelerating SDGs: Exploring New Pathways to the 2030 Agenda
  7. Towards Reformed Multilateralism: Transforming Global Institutions and Frameworks

Important Dates

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 10 January 2023

Process of Selection:

The Secretariat will work with members of the Task Forces to select suitable abstracts for publishing. We strongly encourage collaboration between authors across institutions in G20 countries. The Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Task Forces and the Secretariat may also identify potential collaborations on proposed Policy Briefs.

Notification of Acceptance: 6 February 2023

Detailed guidelines on the style of Policy Briefs will be given to the authors upon acceptance of their Abstract.

Draft Policy Brief Due Date: 6 April 2023

The draft Policy Briefs will be subjected to review, fact check, and plagiarism check, details of which will be shared with the selected authors

Submission of Final Drafts: 1 June 2023

The Policy Briefs will be produced by the T20 Editors and published on T20 India’s website. They will serve as background material for the T20 Final Communiqué.

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