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Human Resource Development to Facilitate the Implementation of Infrastructure Projects under PPP

30 May 2011

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The workshop on "Human Resource Development to Facilitate the Implementation of Infrastructure Projects under PPP" was held on 30 May 2011 at ERIA Annex Office, inviting guests from the governments, academics, and the private sector.  

The objectives of this workshop is (1) to learn on-the-ground information on the challenges and difficulties in implementing PPP projects in developing East Asia, particularly in terms of human resource requirement (quantity and quality) for the private sector; (2) to consider desirable HRD program to nurture PPP specialists (Project Meister) in the private sector, who are armed with necessary knowledge and expertise (engineering, finance, accounting, laws and regulations, etc), with reference to some of the existing and emerging program in universities in East Asia; and (3) to share ERIA's preliminary idea on "ERIA Project Meister Program," as the basis for discussion in the workshop.

During the meeting, the participants made presentations on the necessity of human resource development (HRD) to facilitate the implementation of PPP projects and on existing and emerging HRD programs, and exchanged views about ERIA's proposal on "Project Meister Program".

Participants agreed on the necessity of an HRD program for the private sector to facilitate the actual implementation of a large number of infrastructure projects under PPP, while a similar program is still needed for the public sector as well.  As the scope of expertise which is necessary for ERIA Project Meisters is very wide, the design of the curriculum is of crucial importance.  As for the mode of education, participants found the Project Based Learning (PBL) was one of the most promising methods to nurture ERIA Project Meisters.

Photo 2: Dr. Shintaro Ishijima, President of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT), Japan (left)

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