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ERIA Holds The 1st Workshop on Hydrogen from Renewables and Clean Energy


ERIA Holds The 1st Workshop on Hydrogen from Renewables and Clean Energy

Jakarta, 17-18 November 2020: The 1st Virtual Workshop on ‘Hydrogen Sourced from Renewables and Clean Energy: A Feasibility Study of Achieving Large-scale Demonstration in China’ was held by ERIA between 17-18 Nov 2020. The event was organized by Dr Yanfei Li, Research Fellow of ERIA. The project was coordinated by Dr Han Phoumin, Senior Energy Economist of ERIA.

The study consisted of sub-projects covering technical, economic, financial, institutional, regulatory, and policy issues related to enabling large-scale hydrogen energy demonstration projects in China.  Feasibility studies of the selected demonstration projects will be conducted in collaboration with several industrial and academic entities. In the implementation plan study, findings from the abovementioned projects will provide a basis for discussion at interviews and future workshops to be held among industry players, government bodies, and academic researchers.  The goal of the interviews and workshops is to identify key barriers as well as proper solutions, together with an agenda for actions necessary to realize the selected demonstration projects.

The working group consisted of experts from both academia and industry, such as the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ), the China Hydrogen Alliance Research Institute, the University of Technology Sydney; Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Dalian University of Technology; the Asian Development Bank; the Grantham Institute of Imperial College, London; Tokai University, Japan; the Green World Low-carbon Economy & Technology Center, China; the China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd (CEEC), China; Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Group (CGNPC); the Foshan University of Science and Technology; and the Foshan Institute of Environment and Energy, China.

Prof Can Li, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and a leading scientist in hydrogen-related technologies, provided his remarks towards the end of the workshop. He recognized the project as an important and timely study and could deliver significant influence on future policy design and the development of hydrogen energy in China. 

The project has currently secured a special issue collaboration with the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, an SCI Q1 academic journal. A second workshop under this study will be organized in mid of March 2021. The full project report is expected to be published by ERIA in July 2021.


20 November 2020



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