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ERIA Discussion Paper 2011-01 : Updated

ERIA Discussion Paper 2011-01 : Updated

ERIA Discussion Paper 2011-01 "Location Choice of Multinational Enterprises in China: Comparison between Japan and Taiwan" has been updated on 23 February 2011.

Abstract: This paper explores the location choice of MNEs in China, shedding special light on the role of agglomeration of same-nationality firms. In particular, we examine how its role differs according to investors' productivity. Furthermore, we compare the location choice of Japanese and Taiwanese MNEs in China, because Taiwanese MNEs are expected to experience less uncertainty in investing in China than Japanese MNEs, due to Taiwan's linguistic and cultural advantages in China. We find that, less productive Japanese firms prefer to locate close to larger same-nationality agglomerations, there are no differences in location according to firms' productivity in the case of Taiwanese firms.

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23 February 2011



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