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East Asian Regional Cooperation Forum

East Asian Regional Cooperation Forum

To promote and deepen the studies on East Asian regional cooperation, the East Asian Regional Cooperation Forum was convened jointly by Academy of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission (AMR, NDRC), Japan-China Economic Association (JCEA) , and ERIA on 11 July 2010 in Beijing, China.

The Forum bought together esteemed speakers from Chinese government, research institutes and academia in the region. Around 150 audiences were present.

Dr. Wang Yiming, Vice President, AMR, NDRC, Mr. Inaba Kenji, Executive Managing Director, JCEA, and Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director, ERIA, delivered opening remarks respectively.

The participants shared the same desire to deepening economic integration, a process can realize dynamic and sustainable economic growth in the whole region. The role of China which is indeed critical in this East Asia integration process was stressed. The proceeding of the Forum bought up insightful ideas on the regional cooperation in East Asia.


11 July 2010



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