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EAMS Workshop

EAMS Workshop

EAMS (East Asia Expert Meeting on Manufacturing Statistics) Workshop was held at ERIA Annex Office on February 22, 2010.
Member countries attended this workshop were Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

EAMS is a meeting of experts on manufacturing industry statistics from ASEAN+3 member countries.
The outcome achieved over the past five years is the improvement of manufacturing statistics (four-digit level) enabling international comparability at this level for East Asia (ASEAN+3). The EAMS began by launching the development of EAMIC (East Asia Common Manufacturing Statistics) that were conscious of regional harmonization.

This workshop was held with the primary aim of confirming the state of preparation for the provision of 13 items of data in line with EAMIC ver.1.0. Each country reported on their current situation while presenting the data collected at the present stage.
It was confirmed that the participating countries are proceeding smoothly towards the December 2010 deadline for submission.

The Rapid growth of the East Asian economy leads to an increase in proportion of the global market share, particularly the manufacturing sector. Active trade activities within Asia in the manufacturing industries has created an increasing close interdependent relationships between the East Asian countries, therefore, a regional database is needed.
Based on the understanding of the needs, the meaningful discussion was conducted in the workshop.


23 February 2010



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