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A Study on Aging Society by Thammasat University


Note: This article was originally published in QS Wow News on 14 March 2020.  ERIA’s research finding on aging population was featured. 

Aging Society is one of the Mega Trends in the world, stemming from medical advancement that prolongs peoples’ lives. Our lifespan has increased significantly, from an average of 80 years to 90-100 years. However, the essential question for the aging society is not about the lifespan, it is not about when old people will be going to die. It is about “How are they going to live?”. To answer this question and prepare Thailand for the inevitable aging society, Ageing Business & Care Development Centre: ABCD holds Thailand Ageing Strategic Forum 2019 on 25th September 2019 at the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

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A Study on Aging Society by Thammasat University


14 March 2020


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