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Key Reports

Key Reports include research project reports of ERIA's flagship projects, special issues and books.


Research Project Reports

ERIA Research Project Reports are the final reports of ERIA’s research projects.


Discussion Papers

ERIA Discussion Papers cover the latest academic and policy issues.


Policy Briefs

ERIA Policy Briefs bring summarized policy findings and recommendations to policy makers and the public.



ERIA Newsletter highlights the Institute's work and activities on ASEAN and East Asia issues.


Annual Report

The ERIA Annual Report is a summary of the Institute's research and research-related activities, events, seminars and symposia, publications, capacity building seminars, and media exposure.


Publications Catalogue

The ERIA Publications Catalogue lists ERIA Publications (Key Reports, Research Project Reports, Policy Briefs, and Discussion Papers) published within the fiscal year.


East Asia Update

ERIA East Asia Update highlights the latest macroeconomic trend of ASEAN+6 Countries.


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