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Energy Efficiency Conference

Conference Concept and Report


Energy Efficiency Conference Concept.pdf


Energy Efficiency Conference Report.pdf


Energy Efficiency Conference Agenda.pdf

Presentation Materials

Day 1

Session 1

1. Dr.Shigeru Kimura-Energy Efficiency in the EAS Region.pdf

2. Mr.Chris Zamora - Regional Cooperation on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.pdf

3. Mr.Victor Jona - Energy Efficiency Challenge and Opportunities in Cambodia.pdf

4. Mr.Shinichi Kihara - Energy Efficiency Developments in Japan and the World.pdf

Session 2

1. Mr.Iwan Baskoro - Role of The GERES Stove Program.pdf

2. Dr.Permod Gupta - Role of UNIDO and Its Activities.pdf

3. Mr.Hiroshi Hirata - JICA's Cooperation in The Energy Sector in Cambodia.pdf

4. Mr.Carlo Figa Talamanca - Development of and Energy Efficiency Policy, Strategy and Action Plan for The Kingdom of Cambodia.pdf

5. Mr.Adisorn Chieu - Energy Saving in the Rice Miil Sector in Cambodia.pdf

Session 3

1. Prof.Ichiro Sakata - The University of Tokyo's Energy Efficiency Roadmap Project in Lao PDR.pdf

2. Mr.Khamso Kouphokham - Overview of the Lao Power Development Program.pdf

3. Mr.Bouathep Malaykham - Overview of Energy Efficiency and Conservation in the Lao PDR.pdf

4. Dr.Jiraporn Sirikum - The Lao's Power Generation from the Thai Perspective.pdf

5. Mr.Shinichi Kihara - Energy and Electricity Access.pdf

6. Mr.Aung Myint - Rural Electrification and Access to Electricity in Myanmar.pdf

Day 2

1. Mr.Yong Chen - Technology Adaption An Approach to Ensure Affordable and Suistanable Adoption of Transferred Renewable Energy Technologies.pdf

2. Mr.Arne Schweinfurth - Innovative Approaches for Rural Electrification in ASEAN.pdf

3. Mr.Rohit Kansal - Lessons Learnt from India's Micro-grid Development.pdf

4. Prof.Zhiwu Li - China's Small Hydropower in Rural Energy Development.pdf

5. Mr.Toch Sovanna - The Potential of Renewable Energy in Cambodia.pdf

6. Mr.Mario Marasigan - Renewable Energy Development in the Philippines.pdf

Press Release

East Asian Energy Experts Share Best Practices.pdf

Energy Efficiency Conference

Starting Date

31 July 2012


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Contact Info
phone: +6221 5797 4460

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