Energy Efficiency Conference

Updated:January 03, 2018

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July 31, 2012


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The Conference was hosted by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy of Cambodia (MIME), and was co-organized by ERIA and the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE), with special support of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Conference Concept and Report


Energy Efficiency Conference Concept.pdf


Energy Efficiency Conference Report.pdf


Energy Efficiency Conference Agenda.pdf

Presentation Materials

Day 1

Session 1

1. Dr.Shigeru Kimura-Energy Efficiency in the EAS Region.pdf

2. Mr.Chris Zamora - Regional Cooperation on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.pdf

3. Mr.Victor Jona - Energy Efficiency Challenge and Opportunities in Cambodia.pdf

4. Mr.Shinichi Kihara - Energy Efficiency Developments in Japan and the World.pdf

Session 2

1. Mr.Iwan Baskoro - Role of The GERES Stove Program.pdf

2. Dr.Permod Gupta - Role of UNIDO and Its Activities.pdf

3. Mr.Hiroshi Hirata - JICA's Cooperation in The Energy Sector in Cambodia.pdf

4. Mr.Carlo Figa Talamanca - Development of and Energy Efficiency Policy, Strategy and Action Plan for The Kingdom of Cambodia.pdf

5. Mr.Adisorn Chieu - Energy Saving in the Rice Miil Sector in Cambodia.pdf

Session 3

1. Prof.Ichiro Sakata - The University of Tokyo's Energy Efficiency Roadmap Project in Lao PDR.pdf

2. Mr.Khamso Kouphokham - Overview of the Lao Power Development Program.pdf

3. Mr.Bouathep Malaykham - Overview of Energy Efficiency and Conservation in the Lao PDR.pdf

4. Dr.Jiraporn Sirikum - The Lao's Power Generation from the Thai Perspective.pdf

5. Mr.Shinichi Kihara - Energy and Electricity Access.pdf

6. Mr.Aung Myint - Rural Electrification and Access to Electricity in Myanmar.pdf

Day 2

1. Mr.Yong Chen - Technology Adaption An Approach to Ensure Affordable and Suistanable Adoption of Transferred Renewable Energy Technologies.pdf

2. Mr.Arne Schweinfurth - Innovative Approaches for Rural Electrification in ASEAN.pdf

3. Mr.Rohit Kansal - Lessons Learnt from India's Micro-grid Development.pdf

4. Prof.Zhiwu Li - China's Small Hydropower in Rural Energy Development.pdf

5. Mr.Toch Sovanna - The Potential of Renewable Energy in Cambodia.pdf

6. Mr.Mario Marasigan - Renewable Energy Development in the Philippines.pdf

Press Release

East Asian Energy Experts Share Best Practices.pdf

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