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The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Lessons Learnt for Indonesia

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Lessons Learnt for Indonesia
12 August 2021
Lili Yan Ing, Junianto James LosariI
Indonesia, China, Europe, free trade agreement framework, Investment

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The European Union (EU) and China have recently reached an agreement: the EU–China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). As one of the most recent investment agreements concluded by the EU, the paper aims to assess specific concessions made in the agreement, and provides lessons learnt for Indonesia on the ongoing negotiations of the Indonesia–EU free trade agreement, the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU CEPA). The paper will present an overview of the main areas covered under the CAI, assess the potential impacts of the CAI on EU investment into Indonesia, and set out lessons that can be learnt from the CAI.

The EU–China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Lessons Learnt for Indonesia 

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