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Fuelling the Engines of Liberation with Cleaner Cooking Fuel

Fuelling the Engines of Liberation with Cleaner Cooking Fuel
23 February 2021
Tushar Bharati, Yiwei Qian, Jeonghwan Yun
Energy, Indonesia, Innovation and Technology, Labour and Migration, Skills Development

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Using the staggered roll-out of the Indonesian Conversion to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Programme, we show that a subsidy for the labour- and time-saving cooking technology increased female labour force participation. The programme also increased household consumption expenditure and the decision-making power of women in the household, especially in financial matters. A back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that the benefits of switching to LPG far outweighed the costs to the households. Based on previous research, we conjecture that intra-household externalities and gender differences in preferences drive the low rates of adoption of cost-effective technology. The programme’s impact on the financial decision-making power of women suggests that subsidies which empower women, even if temporary, can encourage the adoption and sustained use of beneficial technology.

Fuelling the Engines of Liberation with Cleaner Cooking Fuel

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